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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Occupy Movement

My first introductions to the "Occupy Movement" came from posts on friends' Facebook feeds. Some of those posts were very negative and some were positive. Knowing my friends as I do, I decided that I needed to find out more about the "Occupy Movement" for myself so that I could make my own informed decision on how I feel about the entirety of it.

Here are a list of websites that I visited to learn more information about both sides of the debate. If there are other sites that you think give great information about either side please comment and give us the link because making your own informed decision about political debates is what this country is based on and why I am writing today.

An Editorial from the Forum, a student run publication titled "What is the Occupy Movement?"

A CNN video called "Jesse Jackson supports the Occupy Movement" there is discussion about what it is and why he supports it.

"The Disturbing Agenda of Occupy Wall Street" from

This is an obscure bikers' blog but the author really did the background work and with all the good information, charts and tables that are brought into the piece I had to include "Baby Boomers vs. the Occupy movement, a must read" from the bigbendbikersforfreedom website

Okay, I could go on forever listing sites that have opinions one side or the other about the movement but I'll move on and let you share your favorites in the comments.

I am still not sure how I feel about the movement, there are some good thoughts and some that I'd not really support. Like most politics the decision is never easy. I love the fact that we live in a country where we are free to express our opinions. I do not have to fear because I have shared this information.

Do I notice a disparagingly large difference between what the top people make and the bottom ones in our country? Yes, of course I do, but I am sure that I do not want the government to step in and control everything.

Government control and their warped idea of what "we the people" want and need is what has gotten us in this mess.

I'm not an anarchist and I want our government, I pray for our leaders and that they will make decisions that will help our country.

So, my decision on the Occupy Movement is that I am pleased that they have started the country discussing important issues and I pray that we will continue to discuss and resolve the issues in the best way possible for everyone in the country.

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